Dear Colleague, 

PLAN2 will be shut down between 16 April and 20 April (first week of the school holidays) for maintenance and to implement new features based on teacher feedback.

Changes include: 

  •  a new default page in PLAN2 called class observations, where you can view, edit or export class observations against learning progression indicators
  •  filter options will move to a side bar
  • grades will appear next to student names, for viewing students in a composite classes
  •  new save buttons, making the save function more explicit
  •  plus a number of other small changes.

Detailed information on how to use each feature will be added to the ALAN help site during the maintenance outage.


The Early Action for Success (EAfS) strategy aims to improve students’ performance through a targeted approach in the early years in primary schools. The aim of this website is to provide a range of resources, tools and information to support all teachers working with students in the early years of learning to build strong, meaningful foundations for later learning and life.

EAfS Phase 2 is s a core component of the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (2017-2020), the strategy involves:

  • Early identification of the level of attainment in literacy and numeracy of each individual child (K-2);
  • Differentiating teaching practice that focuses on the needs of the individual student;
  • Using targeted interventions in literacy and/or numeracy according to need; and
  • On-going monitoring of student progress against the Literacy and Numeracy Continuums/Learning Progressions.

EAfS brings together

  • Quality leadership;
  • Identifying individual levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy, essential for teaching that is personalised to individual student learning needs, and
  • Tiered interventions in literacy and numeracy.

More information for departmental schools be found at

Independently reviewed by Erebus International, lessons from the 2012 – 2016 phase of EAfS can be found here